About Us: Entrance Requirements

Eastgate Christian School accepts children ages two through five who are within the normal range of health and development and who can benefit from such a program.

Eastgate Christian School is a ministry of La Jolla Community Church. ECS is a private school and reserves the right to accept or refuse any application. The submission of an application, signed by a parent or legal guardian, does not guarantee enrollment or indicate any right to available spaces at ESC.

According to California law parents/guardians must turn in all enrollment forms including medical forms and immunization records before a child is allowed to attend school. The following immunizations are required for those children 2-years-old and older:

- DTP/Dta/DT/Td:
- MMR:
- HIB:
- HEP B:
3 immunizations
4 immunizations
1 immunization
1 immunization
3 immunizations
1 immunization

If there is any immunization exemption based on parent decision, the Personal Belief Affidavit must be read and signed before the child may attend Eastgate Christian School. Eastgate Christian School will provide the Immunization Record form containing the affidavit.